PayLock Embraces Mobile Technology

PayLock has always been a leader in finding creative and common-sense use of new technology. Our mission: Make “parking” a better experience for motorists and parking professionals everywhere. Continuing down…


Is the Do-As-I-Do Method Working?

As a leader, practicing a positive, do-as-I-do methodology based on company core values can be a great way to build a healthy working environment. This can be a difficult task…


Thought You Were Friends? – Protect your Deal!

Think about contracts like a game of cards. No matter who you are playing with, friends, family, everyone is just looking out for themselves. The same can be true when…

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City of Angels launches self-release booting program

The City of Angels has found a way to collect more unpaid parking citations, while at the same time making life a little easier for people.  LADOT previously towed all…

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Man vs. Machine. Do people prefer people?

Telephone centers around the world often use interactive voice response (IVR). The big question is whether these systems are preferred by people or if they would rather speak directly to…


How Important is the “Trickle-Down” Effect?

We’ve all been hearing so much about Trickle-Down Economics, but what if this theory is applied to an area that affects people every day regardless of social-economic standing; Business Ethics….


What’s the Real Difference Between Mobile Apps and Websites?

With technology helping make life smarter, faster, and easier, parking programs must learn to keep up! Today, that means giving people access to services and products right from the palm…


Denver, CO Hires PayLock

Parking scofflaws beware: Denver is about to take parking enforcement to a whole new level. In October, the City of Denver will be using PayLock’s Smart Boot.


Norwalk, CT Hires PayLock

The City of Norwalk introduced new technology Thursday that targets drivers with multiple unpaid parking tickets.


We did well at IPI

During this year’s IPI show in Las Vegas, PayLock was awarded “Best in Show” and garnered more that 100 qualified leads for PayLock’s Digital Permit Management System and Intelligent Immobilization…