Digital Permitting

Using ParkingView software, telephone call center support, fully integrated LPR, and PermitConnect™ App, PayLock’s full service Digital Permitting solution makes it easy for clients to move from paper to plate-based permissons.

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    The jury is in.  Antiquated paper permits are time consuming, costly, and ineffective.  However, transitioning to license plate-based permitting can be extremely challenging for parking managers. PayLock’s Digital Permitting software, hardware, and service combined into one complete package makes this transition easy.


fewer in-person visits

8 out of 10

applications auto-approved


PayLock’s software engine, ParkingView, instantly verifies 80% of permit applications saving lots of time for customers and employees. For non tech-savvy customers, our Call Center agents are available 24/7 to help. And if you don’t have a way to enforce by license plate, we can implement our groundbreaking Easy LPR solution to make enforcement efficient and accurate.


reduction in counterfeit permits


faster enforcement

Software – Parkingview

Our proprietary ParkingView software manages the full life cycle of permits from application to renewal. Features include a public portal, back-office rules setting, LPR management, ad-hoc reporting, and more.

Online registration

Motorists can sign-up, choose a parking permission, pay, and be auto-approved in minutes. No mail-in applications, no in-person trips required, and less burden on staff.

Visitor parking with permitconnect™ app

Permit holders can approve parking for their visitors with the click of a button. With PayLock’s revolutionary PermitConnect™ App, guests request and receive permission from their hosts within seconds.

simple communication

Communicating with permit holders has never been easier with text updates, alert messaging, and email blasts. Send notifications to your permit holders within seconds instead of waiting for the mail to arrive.

Customer service

PayLock’s acclaimed Help Center is staffed around the clock to assist your customers in a variety of ways. Agents assist permit holders navigate the software, setup their account, process their permits, and manage their documents.

Enhanced service options

As needed, PayLock provides portable issuance devices, Bluetooth printers, Easy LPR components and many other tools to help clients implement complete permit enforcement operations.

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