Did you ever work somewhere that had a few people you really liked working with? They were personable, professional, good at what they did, and open to being good at something brand new. These were the kind of people you knew you’d keep in touch with if you ever changed jobs. We’re simply a collection of these types of people. We hire specifically for this.

We’ve grown from a couple of people in Central New Jersey to over 100 PayLockians all over the country. There are all different types of PayLockians from different backgrounds. But we share one thing in common: a constant desire to find a way to do awesome things. If you think you fit this description, this might be a good place for you.

PayLock is generally thought to be part of the parking industry. Ask any of us 10 years ago if we ever thought we’d make a career in parking and you’d get a nearly universal “No.” But we’re really not a parking company, we’re a problem-solving company. State and local governments turn to us to help them solve their parking-related problems. Government often gets a bad rap when it comes to getting things done. We’re passionate about shedding those stereotypes and making a real difference in the communities we serve. That’s an industry worth being a part of.

Technology plays a huge role in everything we do. Our solutions are generally first of their kind in the industry. From our days as a small start-up until now, every penny we’ve ever earned goes right back into making us better. While we’re most associated with the SmartBoot program, we’ve also pioneered new solutions in other parking-related areas.

One other defining quality about PayLock is our passion to provide unparalleled excellence in customer service. From motorists who need help to government officials who need solutions, we treat people how we’d expect to be treated. We manage a Help Center that processes over 1,000 calls every day, and ensuring the highest possible customer service is a huge part of what we do. No one wants to speak on the phone to someone who doesn’t care.

As a rapidly growing company, we’re constantly on the lookout for people that can help make us better. Much of our hiring comes from our experiences meeting other people who maintain the PayLockian philosophy within them. But we also know that there are others out there we haven’t met who are looking for something better. Everyone works to support themselves and their family, but there’s no reason it can’t be a whole lot more fun than that. If you think you can contribute to a company culture like this, we’d like to meet you. Take a look at some of the different areas we have openings for right now.