A proven solution, PayLock’s SmartBoot™ immobilizes vehicles, saving time and resources by providing a complete package including hardware, our unique software, telephone Help Center services – at no upfront costs.

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    PayLock revolutionized the vehicle immobilization industry with its flagship offering, the SmartBoot™. The solution is simple. The vehicle is immobilized with a lightweight SmartBoot allowing the motorist to call into PayLock’s people-centric 24/7/365 Help Center or go online to pay any outstanding amount with a credit card and a cellphone. Once paid, the motorist may remove the boot themselves, and return it and be on their way in minutes.


second install


Payments using mobile website or help center


Installed in the past ten years in over twenty municipalities, spanning four time zones. It works in small cities, counties as well as urban environments with over eight million residents. In cold weather, warm weather, rain, or snow it will work in your community if given the opportunity.


intelligent immobilizations

Motorists pay and are on their way in under

10 min

Self-release SmartBoot™

The parking market’s first and most successful electro-mechanical boot weighs 16-lbs and immobilizes vehicles in less than 10 seconds. Besides preventing a vehicle from moving, the device is durable, portable and proven in the harshest urban environments in the nation.

Software – BootView

Our web-based system uniquely designed to support Self-Release Booting. This one-of-a-kind software helps your staff manage and track each and every field effort, financial transaction, and customer interaction. To ensure accuracy and transparency, BootView is always tightly integrated with client legacy systems.


To ensure that clients and customers achieve all the benefits of Self-Release Booting, PayLock provides live-operator support, 24/7/365. This service HELPS motorists to regain the use of their vehicles quickly often with one phone call. If customers have difficulty paying the amount they owe, PayLock’s operators use creative methods to help customers get their cars back as quickly as possible.

Valuable additions

As needed, PayLock provides field staff, vehicles, our Easy LPR technology, return locations, and many other components to help implement complete scofflaw enforcement operations. Our services are always tailored to meet our client’s unique parking management requirements.

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