We serve people who often get caught up in the bureaucracy of inefficient and ineffective parking processes. Motorists with booted vehicles should never again be forced to make a trip to a payment center only to have the privilege of waiting several hours for a release. Residents in dense environments with limited parking should have the freedom to manage their parking needs electronically. Motorists who receive a parking ticket should have the power to resolve their situation from the comfort of their homes. Reduced stress and confrontation, along with simple, effective, and easy to use solutions, free parking administrators from many of the daily headaches associated with parking management. PayLock has a strong track record of working collaboratively with clients to make sure everybody wins!

Our Customers Include

Municipalities small and large:

Since 2004, we’ve worked with cities large and small from New England to the West Coast. In addition to helping people and saving time, our services have helped improve revenue collection and promote a healthy culture of compliance in the community.

Colleges and Universities:

Colleges and universities have unique parking challenges that are perfectly matched with our solutions. Commuter school or not, parking is in high demand and short supply on campus. Quick, efficient, and effective enforcement helps to ensure parking spaces are available to those entitled to use them. Smart boots and smart permissions mean campus residents and visitors can manage their parking needs easily online.

Private entities:

Whether you manage a single lot or several garages, friendly and effective enforcement tools help ensure motorists comply with your parking rules. Eliminate towing and other punitive measures with solutions that are friendlier and more effective.

Your community

PayLock is on a mission to make government work better for the people, one community and one program at a time!