Parking Solutions & Management Systems

PayLock offers a suite of unique parking management products and services. We provide solutions that provide unprecedented customer service and efficient technology that is easy to use.

Self-Release Booting

A light weight device that saves time and reduces frustration by enabling a self-service solution.

Digital Permitting

Provide immediate permission to permit holders online reducing wasted travel, fraud and paper waste.


Easy LPR

Proprietary, parking management software and tools including citation management, handhelds, LPRs, and more.

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Superior data analytics tool makes finding scofflaws vehicles simple.

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Our real-time action-based dashboard that allows users immediate access to PayLock’s core modules.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to make parking a better experience for motorists and parking professionals everywhere.

PayLock solutions enable active and efficient parking management
PayLock solutions promote healthy parking environments with happier parking participants
PayLock solutions lead to successful parking programs

More than just boots.

What We Believe

PayLock believes that parking is a valuable and limited resource. As a critical service, parking must be fairly, creatively, and aggressively managed by public and private administrators.

How We Help

PayLock offers a suite of unique parking management products and services. We provide solutions that provide unprecedented customer service and good government solutions that are easy for our clients to pay for.

PayLock’s proven solutions produce immediate results without the risk of a large, upfront investment. Since PayLock services are based on contingency fees, our clients generally have no out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever. We rule.

Who We Serve

Municipalities | Universities | Private Entities

We serve people who often get caught up in the bureaucracy of inefficient and ineffective parking processes. Reduced stress and confrontations along with the simple, effective and easy to use solutions frees parking administrators from many of the daily headaches associated with parking management. PayLock has a strong track record of working collaboratively with our clients to make sure everybody wins!

Reinvent your
parking solutions.

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“Leading up to the program kickoff, PayLock worked with me and all other affected City staff. Their effort to work with us to launch was exceptional. Their “can do” attitude and ability to work through this and other challenges was typical of PayLock’s approach.  In summary, we are very satisfied with the PayLock solution. It represents a less burdensome alternative to impounding from both a financial and required time for resolution perspective. Equally important, their staff are dedicated to ensuring our success and consistently working to improve the level of compliance with parking and traffic laws in Los Angeles.”

Chief, LADOT Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control Division

“PayLock has been very beneficial to our Parking Enforcement team, overall making it an ease to issue citations. Their system allows us to take photos when issuing the citation, which we were unable to do before.  It helps us handle parking permits from beginning to end, and keep the payments all in the PayLock program, rather than having to juggle between multiple apps.”

Parking Enforcement Supervisor, City of Provo, Utah

“Through directly solicited motorist feedback and multiple phone audits, I have confirmed that one of the best features of this program is the professionalism, civility, and convenience of the Help Center process. Along with the ease and convenience of the self-releasing boot, this process has generated overwhelming public support for our booting initiative, effectively reducing a perceived quasi-criminal process to a simple business transaction. This allows us to satisfy our obligation to the taxpayers to maximize collection much more effectively.”

Director, Syracuse Parking Violations Bureau

“Nassau County has a great relationship with Paylock. As the contract manager of the PayLock contract on behalf of Nassau County, I have enjoyed working with Paylock.  Operationally they are a great vendor and the client management group is great”

Director, Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

More Than

Vehicles Smartbooted


Million Hours Saved

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Trips to City Hall Eliminated

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PayLock Participates in IPMI Conference in New Orleans

PayLock will participate in the in-person 2022 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo, dedicated to keeping the community connected through exhibits, general and education sessions, Shoptalks, networking, and community-building…

PayLock Selected by Washington, DC to Implement Digital Curbside Parking Management Systems and Services.

Somerville, NJ, May 17, 2021 The Washington, DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) awarded a potential five-year contract to New Jersey-based IPT LLC (PayLock) to provide its Digital Permitting service to…

STAMFORD – The smart boot excels at its job.

For over a year, PayLock has had the pleasure of working with Stamford, CT.  Stamford has not only increased their revenue exponentially, they have also found their compliance rate increasing…