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PayLock offers a suite of unique parking management products and services. We provide solutions that provide unprecedented customer service and efficient technology that is easy to use.


A light weight device that saves time and reduces frustration by enabling a self-service solution.

Digital Permitting

Provide immediate permission to permit holders online reducing wasted travel, fraud and paper waste.


Enforcement Services

Parking management software and tools including citation management, handhelds, LPRs, and more.

On-vehicle Noticing

Notify customers when sending a letter doesn’t work.

Systems Integration

Manage parking operations with real-time and accurate data.

24/7 Help Center

Compassionate representatives are motivated to HELP customers at any time, day or night.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to make parking a better experience for motorists and parking professionals everywhere.

PayLock solutions enable active and efficient parking management
PayLock solutions promote healthy parking environments with happier parking participants
PayLock solutions lead to successful parking programs

More than just boots.

What We Believe

PayLock believes that parking is a valuable and limited resource. As a critical service, parking must be fairly, creatively, and aggressively managed by public and private administrators.

How We Help

PayLock offers a suite of unique parking management products and services. We provide solutions that provide unprecedented customer service and good government solutions that are easy for our clients to pay for.

PayLock’s proven solutions produce immediate results without the risk of a large, upfront investment. Since PayLock services are based on contingency fees, our clients generally have no out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever. We rule.

Who We Serve

Municipalities | Universities | Private Entities

We serve people who often get caught up in the bureaucracy of inefficient and ineffective parking processes. Reduced stress and confrontations along with the simple, effective and easy to use solutions free parking administrators from many of the daily headaches associated with parking management. PayLock has a strong track record of working collaboratively with our clients to make sure everybody wins!

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Finance found the booting pilot to be an unmitigated success. In a customer service survey of 109 individuals whose vehicles were booted, 94% spoke favorably about the program. Eighty percent of booted vehicle owners paid their debts with a credit card, 63% who were eligible removed the boot themselves, and 98.1% returned it within 48 hours. The average time for a scofflaw to settle their debts, release the boot, and get their vehicle on the road is nine minutes, whereas it takes hours to pay the fines and track and redeem a towed vehicle.

New York City Department of Finance

In a 20-year career in the industry I have worked with dozens of parking services vendors. PayLock has always demonstrated the highest level of customer service, operational expertise and value for service. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone interested in the PayLock self-release booting program or digital permitting system.

Rick Siebert, CAPP

Retired Chief of the Division of Parking Management
Montgomery County, Maryland


The SmartBoot solution is the perfect combination of effective enforcement and rational treatment of human beings. Over 93% of our motorists reconciled their full balance without the need to ever leave their cars; many in as little as 5 minutes. Yes, we collected over $4M in outstanding debt owed to the County, but we’re most proud that we were able to do so with a tool as convenient as this. Our citizens don’t lose their cars. They don’t require the services of our police. And most importantly, they were able to get on with their lives with minimal interruption to their day.

Nassau County, New York
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Vehicles Smartbooted


Million Hours Saved

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Trips to City Hall Eliminated

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