Easy LPR

Proprietary, camera-based enforcement solutions help increase enforcement staff efficiency, improve on-street parking compliance, and keep revenue flowing.

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    Let our integrated camera solution automatically write your citations – accurately and quickly. PayLock’s software merges LPR images and captured data with handheld citation hardware; auto-populating parking tickets, warning tags, and seizure notices.

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Bring everything together with PayLock Easy LPR.  Having everything under one roof means streamlined data and reporting, reliable and knowledge hardware support and software updates that you can be confident it will work with all your enforcement components.

Mobile LPR Enforcement

PayLock provided mobile LPR systems with LPR data cloud hosting and LPR middleware to interpret and read data.

Unlimited Image Capture

Strengthen your case by taking as many pictures as needed. Along with LPR-generated images, evidentiary images are stored with each ticket file. Issued tickets and images are immediately available for off-site viewing by motorists or staff in real time.

Bar-code Scanning

Capture vehicle registration and VIN information by barcode scanning DMV decals instantly populating violation records.

Booting Made Smarter

Eliminate manual entry. Create and print boot notices by auto capturing time/date, plate, vehicle information, and geo-locations. Less paperwork saves time and improves performance.

Enforce faster with PayLock’s Easy LPR