PayLock Self-Release Boot Patent Reissued by US Patent Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November, 5th 2019

PayLock Self-Release Boot Patent Reissued by US Patent Office

Patented Boot Technology Offers Cities Cost Effective Scofflaw Solution

Somerville, NJ, — PayLock, the nation’s leader and pioneer in Self-Release Booting, has received approval and reissuance by the US Patent and Trademark Office of US Patent Number RE47,678 entitled Parking Environment Management System and Method.  This patent is for systems and methods to provide self-release booting services.  PayLock has provided self-release booting in cities and counties across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Seattle, Providence, Nassau County (New York), and many more.

“The issuance of this patent by the US Patent Office will help ensure that cities get the reliable technology they deserve,” said Justin Kennedy, PayLock CEO.  “Our team has developed and built upon this technology for over 15 years to give our customers the best possible solution to address the challenges of parking enforcement and the collection of unpaid tickets.  Our services are scalable, effective, and provide unmatched customer service to both our clients their constituents.”

PayLock has processed more than one million Self-Release Booting transactions, helping cities collect tens of millions of dollars in revenue which is used for schools, parks, and other priorities citizens care about.  Further, PayLock’s Self-Release Booting systems and methods provide an innovative alternative to the draconian policy of impounding a person’s vehicle for unpaid infractions.  Through a mobile-friendly website or call center, the driver pays their unpaid tickets and fees, receives a code to unlock their boot, and gets their car back hassle-free within minutes.

PayLock first introduced Self-Release Booting in 2004 and provides its proprietary Self-Release Booting technology to over 20 municipalities across the United States.  This patent is a reissue of PayLock’s original patent (US Patent Number 7,950,570), which was previously issued on May 31, 2011, and relates to prior patent applications filed as early as June 16, 2004.


About PayLock

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Somerville, NJ, Paylock offers a suite of unique parking management products and services that provide unprecedented customer service and efficient technology that is easy to use.  PayLock’s solutions include Self-Release Booting, Digital Permitting, Easy LPR, and Express Booting.