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NYC Clamps Down on Overdue Fines

New York City rolls out program to clamp down on motorists who owe more than $350 in unpaid parking tickets Department of Finance unveils program in Brooklyn as vans will…



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. Is this a new program in NYC? A. The SmartBooting program is new to the City, but scofflaw enforcement through the NYC Marshals and the NYC…

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New York City Implements Self-Release Booting

Somerville, NJ (June 25th, 2012) The New York City Department of Finance has contracted with PayLock IPT LLC to provide its patented self-release booting solution to assist the NYC Sheriff…

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Nassau County Begins Boot Program

Mangano Announces Nassau County to Begin Boot and Tow Program to Collect Millions in Unpaid Traffic Fines Urges Scofflaws to Pay Up Before March 26 Nassau County Executive Edward P….

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Seattle, WA Hires PayLock

Seattle, WA – Seattle Smart Boot program update:

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Rochester, NY Hires PayLock

Rochester, NY implements SmartBoot Technology City SmartBoot Program Proves Successful after just one month

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Oakland, CA Hires PayLock

PayLock services arrive on the West Coast – Oakland, CA implements the SmartBoot system to greatly improve customer service and collect an additional $800,000 annually in revenue.” Read the local…

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Montgomery County, MD Hires PayLock

Montgomery County, MD becomes the third Maryland government entity to introduce Smart Booting. They now join Prince Georges County and the City of Baltimore with successful Smart Booting programs.” Read…

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Baltimore, MD Hires PayLock

Baltimore, MD launches with PayLock in an effort to collect on $68 million worth of unpaid parking tickets.” Read the story.

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Fredericksburg, VA Hires PayLock to Collect Property Taxes

The PayLock solution isn’t just for parking tickets. Fredericksburg, VA successfully collects delinquent personal property taxes with the SmartBoot” Read more.