Somerville, NJ (June 25th, 2012)

The New York City Department of Finance has contracted with PayLock IPT LLC to provide its patented self-release booting solution to assist the NYC Sheriff in identifying and immobilizing vehicles owned by motorists owing more than $350 in unpaid parking tickets. By enabling motorists to quickly regain the use of their vehicles, this new program aims to provide a more convenient and less time-consuming alternative to vehicle towing, the current method used by City Marshals and Sheriff Deputies to seize vehicles in NYC.


“I am pleased that PayLock has been chosen by the City of New York to provide a more customer-friendly approach to addressing motorists with unpaid tickets” said PayLock’s President, Cory Marchasin. “However you may think about people who haven’t paid their parking tickets motorists deserve to have a quick and easy method of paying their fines and getting back on the road. Even though it often takes booting someone’s car to get them to reconcile with the City, wasting people’s time isn’t justified. The City of New York, just like 17 municipalities around the U.S. that use the PayLock SmartBoot system, are recognizing that there is a lot to be gained by respecting people’s time. Even those coined “Scofflaws”. Because it takes as little as five minutes to pay and unlock a SmartBoot, drivers don’t lose the majority of their day or weekend trying to retrieve their cars from the tow lot. No one deserves a straight forward business process like this more than the people of the City of New York.”

Starting on June 25th, PayLock staff, working with NYC Sheriff Deputies, will patrol City streets using License Plate Recognition technology to easily identify targeted vehicles. Following seizure approval by the City, vehicles will be immobilized using PayLock’s electro-mechanical SmartBoot. An informational notice including a toll free phone for PayLock’s staffed Help Center will also be applied to the vehicle allowing motorists to contact PayLock and pay their fines and fees – with a credit/debit card – 24/7/365. Because SmartBoots can be released on site, once payment is made, motorists can enter the code to unlock the device and be on their way. There are multiple return locations throughout the City where SmartBoots can be returned at a time that is convenient for the motorist. Since self-releasing the device is completely voluntary, assistance will be provided for motorists who are not in a rush or who choose not to unlock the SmartBoot for any reason.

The current process for reclaiming a towed vehicle in NYC is universally frustrating and stressful for motorists. After contacting NYPD to confirm that a vehicle has been towed and not stolen, one must travel to two locations – a Marshals office (or NYC Business Center) and an impound lot – to pay and retrieve a towed car. The new approach eliminates this nerve-racking and time-consuming predicament and replaces it with a quick, fair and respectful solution. Often with a single phone call, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In addition, self – release booting is less expensive than towing. Since most booted motorists will pay no tow fee and no storage fees, most vehicle owners will pay 20% to 30% less in fees to get their cars back.

About PayLock:

PayLock IPT LLC is a privately held U.S. company founded in 2008 and provides parking related services, including Smart Boot Immobilization, and Digital Parking Permit systems to Municipalities and Universities nationwide. 17 Other PayLock clients use the PayLock SmartBoot system including; Seattle WA, Baltimore MD, Oakland CA, Rochester NY, Prince George’s County, MD, and New Orleans LA.