The city of New Brunswick is going high-tech when it comes to parking permits. No longer will drivers have to deal with decals or hang tags. Now the city says all they’ll need is their license plate.  And a new digital permit program could help with that.

The New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA) says come May when the new system goes lives, all it will have to do is scan a person’s license plate to see if they’re permitted to park in any particular neighborhood – leaving room for residents to park. The parking authority also says the new system will eliminate the inconveniences of misplaced permits as well as their misuse.

The city insists its new program will ease parking woes for residential drivers. It says the fact that the permit application and management of the permit itself can be taken care of through online methods, is one big burden off the shoulders of drivers.

You don’t have to worry, if you’re not tech savvy either. The NBPA says there will be a 24-hour hotline set up for residents who need assistance with the new digital permit program. You can also still come down to NBPA’s permit office. Residents can begin applying for the new digital parking permits any time after May 1st.

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