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  • Making everything better for the biggest municipality nation-wide, New York City.

    Finance found the booting pilot to be an unmitigated success. In a customer service survey of 109 individuals whose vehicles were booted, 94% spoke favorably about the program. Eighty percent of booted vehicle owners paid their debts with a credit card, 63% who were eligible removed the boot themselves, and 98.1% returned it within 48 hours. The average time for a scofflaw to settle their debts, release the boot, and get their vehicle on the road is nine minutes, whereas it takes hours to pay the fines and track and redeem a towed vehicle.

    New York City Department of Finance

  • Montgomery County, MD

    In a 20-year career in the industry I have worked with dozens of parking services vendors. PayLock has always demonstrated the highest level of customer service, operational expertise and value for service. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone interested in the PayLock self-release booting program or digital permitting system.

    Rick Siebert, CAPP
    Retired Chief of the Division of Parking Management
    Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Nassau County, NY

    The SmartBoot solution is the perfect combination of effective enforcement and rational treatment of human beings. Over 93% of our motorists reconciled their full balance without the need to ever leave their cars; many in as little as 5 minutes. Yes, we collected over $4M in outstanding debt owed to the County, but we’re most proud that we were able to do so with a tool as convenient as this. Our citizens don’t lose their cars. They don’t require the services of our police. And most importantly, they were able to get on with their lives with minimal interruption to their day.

    Nassau County, New York

  • More than
    Vehicles Smartbooted
  • Over
    Million Hours Saved
  • More than
    Trips to City Hall eliminated
  • Prevented
    lbs of CO2 from being released
  • More than
    of customers choose self-release
  • More than
    911 calls prevented
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