Instead of buying traditional boots, purchase PayLock’s SmartBoots™ and implement your own self-release booting program.

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    PayLock helped reinvent the parking industry with its complete offering, Self-Release Booting. Our lightweight and durable SmartBoot™, the cornerstone of this solution, is now available for purchase. SmartBooting™ helps reduce confrontations by making it unnecessary for the officer to make a return trip. This also enables the officer to spend more time enforcing. Because the self-releasing boot is fast and easy, customers almost always choose to self-release.


second install

Proudly designed, tested and manufactured

in The USA


Installed in the past ten years in over twenty municipalities throughout the country, the SmartBoot™ works in small towns and cities, counties and large urban environments with millions of residents. In cold weather, warm weather, rain, snow or ice, the SmartBoot™ work in your community.


intelligent immobilizations

Motorists pay and are on their way in under

10 min

Ten Second
SmartBoot™ Install

The SmartBoot itself is a 16-pound device with embedded electronics that can be removed from a car without special assistance. This technology alone revolutionized the world of vehicle immobilization.


A web-based system that keeps track of your SmartBoots™ with unlock codes that continuously change. At no upfront cost, this one-of-a kind software helps your staff manage and track each and every field effort, financial transaction, and customer interaction.

Customer Service

Hardware or software questions? Contact PayLock customer support at any time.


Need help with customer calls, processing payments, or system integration? PayLock can help. Just ask to see how we can create the best program for you.

PayLock Consulting

Booting programs can be time consuming. With PayLock, you have help from parking professionals with years of Self-Release Booting experience.

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