Increase Your Notice Success Rate

The same type of thinking that helped us to create SmartBooting also led us to the On-Vehicle Noticing concept. The formula is simple: minimize confrontation, provide accurate information and make it easy for people to reconcile.

Vehicles eligible for a notice can be located efficiently and easily and given a reminder on the window that there is an outstanding issue that needs to be resolved. Motorists have access to our 24/7/365 Help Center, staffed with real people who want to help.

No, the On-Vehicle Notice doesn’t contain fancy electronics like its big brother. It’s smart because we’re smart enough not to bother someone repeatedly with the same notice. People often appreciate friendly reminders, but no one likes to be nagged.

Cynics will say that On-Vehicle Notices are like mailings in that they can be ignored and simply thrown away. That may be true, but it has not stopped On-Vehicle Noticing from being extremely popular and successful when it’s been tried. Mailing notices requires complicated and expensive processes to determine the owner’s current address. On-Vehicle Notices can be applied where the owner currently leaves the car.

On-Vehicle Notices produce a 30-50% success rate compared to the 3-10% from traditional mailed notices. Pretty sweet, huh?