Express Booting

Plug SmartBoots™ into your parking operation

Instead of buying traditional immobilizers, purchase SmartBoots™ and implement a Self-Release Booting program using your existing parking infrastructure.

Manage Unlocking Codes using PayLock’s Express BootView software.
This simple web-based interface makes managing unlocking codes and SmartBoot™ inventory simple.

Help Customers Self-Release.
Offer fast and easy payment and boot release options. Eliminate waiting, frustration, and the inevitable complaints associated with traditional booting.

Cut Your Workload in Half.
One-touch booting means you and your employees need only find, and immobilize vehicles. Return trips to unlock are a thing of the past.

Proven Product Backed by Subject Matter Experts.
Purchase includes warranty for SmartBoot™ equipment and Express BootView interface supported by online and telephone Help Desk support.

Insert Express booting into your current parking operation.
Keep your call center, payment processor, and existing parking management software – your entire business process. Just add SmartBooting™ and enjoy all the benefits of Self-Release Booting.