Make parking enforcement fast, simple, and effective

Plate-based parking is here to stay. PayLock’s Enforcement Services solution provides License Plate Recognition (LPR) middleware and Android software that automates citation issuance to help cut your enforcement costs. Universities, municipalities, and private parking managers can use these cool tools in one integrated enforcement platform or as standalone components. Maximize your LPR investment, broaden camera functionality, and let data flow freely between officers in vehicles and on-foot. And if you’re looking to take the plunge for the first time, talk to PayLock about including hardware (LPR, vehicles, portable devices, etc.) at no front-end cost. We love to get paid when you get paid.

  • Portable Citation Issuance – provides Android-based software, ruggedized hardware and printers to all issuing officers
  • Mobile LPR Enforcement – modify five PayLock-provided LPR vehicles to enforce permits
  • Parking Occupancy Data Gathering – LPRs will be used to meet DOT demand-based pricing goals

Our parking enforcement solution upgrades the five LPR systems, (provided by PayLock) complemented with portable citation issuance devices and integrated software. This means:

  • Maximizing the use of LPR fleet currently provided by PayLock (through its Self-Release Booting services contract) by converting them into multi-purpose units that can find scofflaw vehicles, enforcing permit violations and capture parking occupancy data.
  • Providing Portable Citation Issuance devices and software that meets RFQ requirements and leverages LPR data to make ticket writing smarter and faster.
  • Providing Bluetooth-enabled portable printing devices for all parking enforcement staff and to support LPR -generated citations.
  • Enforcement is an important complement to our service offering because it ensures that all residential permit parking districts are covered multiple times each day, with a fraction of the staff typically needed. By integrating with the existing LPR technology, PayLock will ensure that enrolled vehicles are granted parking permission in near-real time.

PayLock Windows

PayLock Windows is PayLock’s LPR companion for citation enforcement. Product agnostic, PayLock Windows works with any LPR system, such as Genetec, Elsag, or Vigilant – ensuring that plate read can be used in the citation issuance regardless of the system provider. Additionally, The LPR module of PayLock Windows receives plate reads from the LPR system and compares them against all plate lists available (e.g. permit list, phone and meter lists, scofflaw list). If any vehicles are found that do not have a permit or should be booted, the PEO will be notified. The vehicle image and information will be displayed so that the PEO will have all the information necessary to make a decision of how to proceed with the vehicle.

PayLock Mobile – Android

Formerly CiteWrite Android, PayLock Mobile is a mobile application that will run on any Smartphone with Android 5.0+. The PEOs will use PayLock Mobile to lookup vehicle and permit information. PayLock Mobile will also be used to issue citations and create any incident reports that are needed to report broken meters or other dysfunctional or damaged city equipment.

PayLock Public Portal

The public portal is a web-based access point for motorists to review their citation immediately after issuance. In addition to the information that they have on the print out of the citation they can see the photos that were taken and a map of where the citation was issued. In addition to reviewing their citation the motorist may also decide to appeal or pay their citation online.