21st Century Permitting

Antiquated paper permits are time consuming, costly, and ineffective. Paper permit programs handcuff municipalities by preventing them from easily scaling with piles of paper and red tape. Additionally, they require motorists to endure tedious trips to service centers, convoluted applications, and long waits for approval. Customers come away feeling disgruntled and unimpressed with these 1970’s processes. Also, paper permits are a royal pain to enforce when windshields are tinted and visibility is obstructed. Finally, as demand for parking increases, the use of paper permits enables easy counterfeiting and emerging black market activity.

Digital Permits help you catch up to the 21st century.

There is no better way to fix these problems than to implement a completely paperless solution. PayLock’s Digital Permits provide the answer. Software, hardware, and service combined into one complete package makes this transition simple.

Efficient, Even To The Tech-Averse

Digital permits can be applied for and approved online. In a matter of minutes, the application’s information can be instantly verified and approved. With an auto-approval rate of approximately 80%, Digital Permitting saves lots of time for citizens and city workers. Our 24/7/365 Help Center is included to assist customers who may be less tech savvy or prefer talking on the phone. Our software engine, ParkingView, makes it simple for administrators to change parking rules in seconds. And because all permissions are license plate based, permits cannot get lost, stolen or fraudulently duplicated. And if you don’t have one, we will purchase, install, and maintain Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to make enforcement uber efficient.

Make life easier – for your customers, employees, and your communities.