Helpful Support Available Anytime

An essential component of PayLock’s self-release booting service is its bilingual 24/7/365 days a year live-operator Help Center. To be sure, customers are pleased to hear someone answer the phone at 3:00 a.m. or on Christmas day, but staffing a call center 24 hours a day is not the biggest challenge. Handling calls from motorists with the utmost care and courtesy takes a significant effort in continuous training and monitoring. Representatives are constantly doing all that can be done to make the reconciliation process easy and to get customers back in their cars within five minutes of answering the call. For example, Help Center employees will conference call a motorist’s friends or relatives to help pay the amount owed if the customer does not have a credit or debit card or its limits have been exceeded.

Experts in Settling Payments, Often In One Call

PayLock’s Help Center operators specialize in providing solutions in one call, minimizing motorist frustration, and reconciling payments and releases in five minutes. If requested, help center operators will review each ticket fine and fee with the motorist. By accepting a variety of payment types such as credit, debit, and check-by-phone, PayLock is able to settle most payments and releases during the initial call. Subsequently, there are times when the driver claims they do not have any means of making payment over the phone. In these cases, the operator is trained to offer a variety of payment options, including splitting payments over several cards by conference calling family or friends. Help center agents will also conference in their bank (during normal banking hours) to verify funds if the motorist is paying with a check. PayLock’s goal is to help customers satisfy their obligations simply and quickly with friendly and empathetic support. Once the payment has been successfully processed, the help center operator will provide the motorist with the 6-digit release code and walk the motorist through releasing the SmartBoot.