PayLock has always been a leader in finding creative and common-sense use of new technology.

Our mission: Make “parking” a better experience for motorists and parking professionals everywhere.

Continuing down this path, we just launched the final phase of our new mobile friendly web site: (MBI).  Complementing our one-of-a-kind telephone Help Center, MBI offers a digital alternative to customers who would rather conduct their business by using a smart mobile device of their choosing. Motorists whose vehicles have been immobilized are now able to obtain their specific information, view and make payments, and receive a code to remove their SmartBoot all through PayLock’s MBI application.  PayLock will be rolling out this new technology to all of its clients over the next few months empowering motorists all over the US to remove their boots with fast service, and a snazzy user interface.

Customer service will always be our highest priority and for that reason, we will always provide our Help Center, staffed with real parking experts and open 24/7/365. People love it when they have choices that allow them to choose what works best for them. PayLock is excited to provide this digital alternative to everyone.

We’ve got lots more of these enhancements in the pipeline. Stay tuned!