As a leader, practicing a positive, do-as-I-do methodology based on company core values can be a great way to build a healthy working environment. This can be a difficult task because everyone is now looking to the leader to set an example. Once this method has been established in the work place, monitoring its effectiveness can be difficult.


How can you tell that it’s working?

Is the gap between what your employees do and what they say narrow to marginal?

Meaning, when your employees tell you they will do something in a certain timeframe, does it get done? High credibility is a great lead indicator.

How is their work to life balance?

Are your employees saying their balance is fine, but you see emails at midnight or on weekends for normal workweek employees? Extreme work hours are not a sign of balance and if you yourself are practicing a reasonable work schedule, they should be too.

How do your employees respond to stress?

In times of challenge or chaos, those you manage and lead should be responding swiftly, but managing their emotions and acting in a professional way in line with your company values.

 How much time do they spend meeting other people’s needs in addition to their own?

A proper balance in the investment of serving others as they would serve themselves can show that the positive example you have set is being adopted and practiced.