We’ve all been hearing so much about Trickle-Down Economics, but what if this theory is applied to an area that affects people every day regardless of social-economic standing; instead, we can apply these principles to the hierarchies that exist within a business. Different companies have different chains of command. This effect applies to all of them!

The ”Trickle-Down” effect is very important when it comes to creating a strong, healthy, and positive culture. To build this environment, good ethical behavior must start from the top. Eventually this behavior will “trickle-down” to other employees.

Parking managers must inspire their team to act ethically by doing so themselves. This will, in return, build trust among everyone in the workplace and aid in building relationships. Effective team players are built on equal parts humility, motivation, and emotional intelligence. People Managers have an obligation to live these values and practice them daily.

Remember that crafting a positive environment needs to start at the top. Executives need to set an example for the rest of the company because a healthy workplace is a successful workplace!