SmartBooting is better.

Self-Release booting was first unveiled in 2004 and is now the GO-TO solution for cities and universities looking to change the parking culture. From clients looking to begin scofflaw enforcement to those who seek to transform how they treat their motorist/customers, PayLock’s self-release booting provides the perfect combination of firmness and compassion.

If you do want to change, what are your options?

Purchase Heavy Duty Boots – Since the 1950s traditional booting or clamping has been a tried and true method of immobilizing a vehicle. Most boots are durable, and reliable. Although it takes some time to apply to a tire with one, these heavy weight locks are not easy to remove. And when a customer returns to their car to see the iron clamp, they usually have to travel somewhere to pay what they owe (only during business hours), return to their car, and wait for someone to come with a key to unlock the device. Self-release is not an option. Although it costs a lot more, the parking agency is happy because the debt was paid but the customer is angry because his or her day was ruined. Another lost opportunity to prove that you care.

Buy the Barnacle – just released in mid- 2016 this new device is essentially a giant suction cup that can be attached to a vehicle’s windshield owned by someone owing multiple unpaid traffic tickets. Once applied, this sucking device blocks the vision of the driver making the car un-drivable. Actually the car is drivable, just not safely. There is a reason why most vehicle codes prescribe either booting or towing as the approved method of enforcing scofflaw vehicles. It’s because those methods have been proven as the most effective and safe way to stop scofflaw motorist from driving away. The Barnacle does not accomplish this.