SmartBoot Smart Parking Solutions

Simple, Motorist-Removeable Booting

The SmartBoot itself is a 16-pound device with embedded electronics that can be removed from a car without special assistance. This technology alone revolutionized the world of vehicle immobilization. All other forms of booting require a motorist to wait for someone else to return to the vehicle location for removal. It’s not uncommon for this to take hours or even days depending on the situation. Motorists with a SmartBoot have the option to be on their way in less than five minutes.

Comprehensive, People-Centric Solution

But the SmartBoot is not just a piece of equipment. It’s an entire solution based on finding a win-win result to a difficult problem. Most people settle outstanding debt to their communities on a timely basis without reminders. But some are either unwilling or unable to resolve the matter without being prompted in some way. In some communities, there is absolutely no enforcement. Citizens who pay their bills are forced to cover the costs for the ones who don’t. In other communities, letters are mailed as a friendly reminder. That’s a good start, but it’s not a comprehensive solution. The next step is generally a huge leap from friendly reminder to something harsh and overly punitive. Traditional booting or even immediate towing now enters the equation. It’s well-known that these types of measures have significant negative consequences on the people affected. But those concerns are generally rationalized away because the scofflaw “had it coming.”

But the SmartBoot is not just a piece of equipment. It’s an entire solution based on finding a win-win result to a difficult problem.

A Balanced Approach

What’s missing in every community across the country without the SmartBoot is that middle ground between a friendly reminder and a painful, onerous penalty. The SmartBoot solution is something that can’t be ignored like a letter and yet doesn’t imprison someone on city streets alone and without a means of transportation. Anyone with a credit card and a cell phone has the ability to be on his way in five minutes or less. And everyone else at least has access to the vehicle for climate control, medicine, or other supplies.

Proven Results Across the Nation

The SmartBoot has been installed over 400,000 times in the past ten years in over 20 municipalities, spanning four time zones. It works in small cities and counties as well as big urban environments like New York City with over eight million residents. It works in cold weather, warm weather, rain, or snow. It will work in your community if given the opportunity.